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A state-of-the-art parallel
ruler for engineers, architects and interior

The PARATRAC provides all of the necessary features and functions needed in precision
drawing on a drafting

The PARATRAC design and
construction assures a
lifetime of usage with
consistency, accuracy and



Item No. 334DM

A2+ Compact Drawing System
(Track type parallel ruler with counter balance)


Item No. 378DM-60WT

A2 Compact Drawing System
(Track type parallel ruler without counter balance)




Item No. 173PR

Portable Drawing Board
with 171PR cable type parallel ruler/plastic grip

Item No. 153PR

Portable Drawing Board
with 151PR cable type parallel ruler/aluminum grip







Item No. 300DH

Drafting Head




Item No. Z5

Hydraulic Height Adjustable Drafting Stand


Item No. R1

Ratchet Stand

Item No. R2

Ratchet Stand
(height adjustability)

Item No. R5

Ratchet Stand
(3 pre-set height adjustability)



Item No. 478TS

A Type  Drafting Stand


Item No. 500TS




Item No. AS & AST  

Adjustable set square






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