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A state-of-the-art parallel
ruler for engineers, architects and interior

The PARATRAC provides all of the necessary features and functions needed in precision
drawing on a drafting

The PARATRAC design and
construction assures a
lifetime of usage with
consistency, accuracy and




Item No. 334DM-60WT+420TS

- The exterior has a black magnetic surface. It
   includes 27mm wide stainless steel press strips to
   fix the paper.

- Track type parallel ruler with counterbalance.

- Angle adjustability.

- Includes a carry bag for storage and


Functions and Details


The weight of the counterbalance keeps the blade in place and prevents it from falling even if the board is used on an elevation.

There is no need to keep the blade down all the time while drawing, which enables comfortable working.


The blade movement is driven by a wire pulley system, which is incorporated in the tracks of the

It features a high-quality bearing with stainless steel wiring for extra durability and accuracy.


The horizontal graduation mark is inserted on the left side of the track.


The angle scale is inserted on the right side of the track.


The blade pivots can be stored underneath the tabletop to allow for surface clearing and/or cleaning.


The blade can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees.


The blade can be fitted with a triangular scale, which can be set in the horizontal grip groove and slid left and right so that the dimensions can be read anywhere on the board.

The ratchet design provides different drawing angles, from 0 to 45 degrees, to match your desired
drawing position.

No screws are required during this process.
Includes a carry bag for storage and transportation.




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