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Track type parallel ruler

Drafting board with carry handle







Function & Feature



High quality bearings of the parallel pulley system for the blade maintain precision indefinitely.


Waterproof drawing board will not deform.


A metric scale is attached on the left track.



An angle scale is attached on the right track.


Acrylic ruler on blade has beveled edges that prevent ink from spreading. Choose either the clear edge or the edge with a scale.


Replace paper by flipping the blade away.





The blade angle can be adjusted from 0 to +-15°.


The blade can float over the drawing surface between 1-3 mm.



The blade can be fitted with a triangular scale, which can be set in the horizontal grip groove and slid left and right so that the dimensions can be read anywhere on the board.


Rubber pads for extending drawing board over table edge adjusts angle (6°~8°) for comfort and better posture.


Handle to carry board and legs to tilt board.


Includes a waterproof carry bag for storage and transportation.






Item. No.

Surface Color

Board size

Stainless steel strips



Ivory white


4 pcs

Carry handle

Aluminum pencil tray

Rubber pads

Waterproof carry bag

378DM-66B Black 508*660mm 4 pcs
378DM-66 Ivory white 508*660mm

4 pcs

378DM-66WB Black 550*660mm 4 pcs
378DM-66W Ivory white 550*660mm

4 pcs


Ivory white

600*900mm 6 pcs


Black magnetic surface

 Ivory white magnetic surface








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